Author: Michael Squitieri Faculty Mentor: Sandra Kingan Department: Mathematics Institution: Macaulay Honors College at Brooklyn College Address: 2900 Bedford Ave. 11210

Centrality measures in a social network determine the power structure among the individuals that is often hidden from view. I will apply these concepts to explore the power structure among the different topics in mathematics using the set of mathematics pages found on Wikipedia. The vertices of the graph are the math pages and the edges are the links between pages. This will allow me to determine the central topics and persons in mathematics. Using various centrality measures, the results revealed that Set Theory was the most central mathematical topic according to the Wikipedia graph. This same methodology can be used for further analysis of other subsets of the Wikipedia graph.

Additional Abstract Information

Presenter: Michael Squitieri

Institution: Macaulay Honors College - Brooklyn

Type: Oral

Subject: Mathematics

Year: 2014