Katim Woldemariam Professor David Stifel Department of Economics Lafayette College Easton, PA 18042

I study the effect of agricultural extension service on the productivity of farmers using household survey data from a remote rural area in northwestern Ethiopia. Agricultural extension services are provided by workers who provide advisory and training services to farmers. The hypothesis that I test is if extension services increase the productivity of farmers by increasing their knowledge and their application of modern inputs and technologies. I do this by estimating plot level agricultural yield models that include a variable for access to agricultural extension, as well as controls such as characteristics of the plots, inputs, and external shocks. Transport cost to the nearest market serves as an instrumental variable for extension services as a way to address the potential endogeneity of the latter. This topic is important especially for Ethiopia where agriculture makes up 85% of employment and only 41% of GDP. This sector is highly unproductive and insufficient to feed the population, despite Ethiopia having the highest extension workers-to-farmer ratio in the world. Furthermore, 10% of the country’s total budget was allocated for extension services in 2014. Thus, it is important to understand and evaluate what effect extension services have on the knowledge of farmers, their use of inputs, and on agricultural yields.

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Presenter: Katim Woldemariam

Institution: Lafayette College

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Session: Oral 9
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