Allyssa M. Conner (Dr. Roxy J. L. Swails), Department of Chemistry, Lafayette College, 730 High Street, Easton, Pennsylvania 18042

Novel water soluble metal complexes supported by N-heterocyclic carbene ligands were synthesized as potential water soluble catalysts for organic reactions. The use of water as a solvent is favorable because it is an inexpensive, renewable resource that is environmentally benign in comparison to organic solvents typically used for catalysis. Organic products are more readily separable from aqueous solvents, which may also allow efficient catalyst regeneration. Two cationic imidazolium salt precursors were formed by mixing 1-methylimidizole and 2 or 4-(Chloromethyl)pyridine hydrochloride with excess KI in acetone at room temperature for two days followed by methylation using iodomethane. Various NMR tube reactions were conducted with several palladium, copper, and silver compounds to determine if these metals would readily bind to the imidazole. The activity of the imidazolium ligand precursors and the NHC complexes toward the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide using cyclic voltammetry will also be discussed. Type: Poster.

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Presenter: Allyssa Conner

Institution: Lafayette College

Type: Poster

Subject: Chemistry

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Session: Poster 7
Date/Time: Fri 1:20pm-2:20pm
Location: University Center Ballroom - Tripod 28 Side B